TGV System: Luxury Travel at Affordable Prices

The thing to remember is that high-speed rail can serve the middle class and is not just for the affluent.  Hardly.  France high-speed rail (TGV system) is affordable and makes a profit because the SNCF knows how to price its fares to serve consumer needs.  It’s simple: they make regular TGV seats and non-rush hour fares affordable but then charge more on prices during rush hour and for upgraded seating.  It’s sort of like paying for a matinée at the movie theater: during non-peak hours (which is most hours throughout the day) you pay a lot less; then during peak hours you pay twenty or thirty percent more.  The movie theaters make a good profit doing this, and so does TGV in France.

So some continue to ask and continue to worry about how will high-speed rail pay for itself over the long-term and also be affordable to customers?  And now you know.  But this is only one of many methods HSR can turn a pretty profit and be of tremendous benefit to middle class America and everyone who travels the country each day.  Or order your copy of Fast Trains: America’s High Speed Future — everything you need to know about the benefits of high-speed rail and the fast trains is yours to be had right away.

Nancy Bolts, co-author of Fast Trains: America’s High Speed Future

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