Bringing To Life the Train Travel Experience

Airport Security Line
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Overcrowded highways and post-9/11 air travel woes have become an expected norm in transportation.

We often spend more time in the security and check-in lines at the airport than we do on the actual plane.  What American stuck in a five-lane traffic jam on the I-5 with the kids shouting, “Are we there yet?!” has not thought to herself: “There must be a better way.”

As part of an hour-long interview on Marilyn Shannon’s “Breaking Free” show, Nancy and Emy discussed high-speed rail’s potential to change the traveler’s experience to a pleasant and enjoyable one. (See below for an excerpt from the show.)

Japanese High Speed Train
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“We have come to accept really being uncomfortable and stressed by our travel,” said Nancy, “[High-speed rail] is such a humane, civilized way of traveling, and it comes out in the book.”

Emy and Nancy’s book, Fast Trains: America’s High-Speed Future, focuses on the importance of the traveler’s experience. “[The book] helps you understand how it is to experience all these different types of high-speed rail across the world,” Emy remarked.  Through compelling testimonies of families traveling on HSR in countries like Japan, the lifestyle benefits come alive for the readers.

“We did it in such a way that we didn’t want to be negative about our current conditions, but they can be so much better,” said Nancy on comparing high-speed rail to other forms of travel.

It’s something to get excited about, not just because of the environmental or economic benefits, but because of the potential to improve the overall experience of travel.  High-speed rail can bear our travel burdens and change the way Americans think of transportation.

First Class restaurant car on the Frecciarossa, an Italian HSR train
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Nancy described it best in a few sentences: “The good things about the train are not going to change.  There will be the ability to get up and walk to a place and have something to eat.  Your kids can run to the bathroom when they need to.  There are really wonderful things about trains now.  It’s just the addition of this incredible speed and the convenience of it.”


Rachel Lewis
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Rachel Lewis is a public relations practitioner for Bolts Creative Communications and social media enthusiast. She recently graduated from the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication specializing in Public Relations, and she enjoys helping people stay connected and informed.
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