Two Female Authors Re-Present the History and Story of Trains

Among the books out there written about trains, Fast Trains: America’s High Speed Future stand out for many reasons.  Namely, men mostly write books on trains. In this case, two female authors daringly re-present the history and story of trains via their book Fast Trains: America’s High Speed Future.

But their boldness to author a book on trains is not surprising.

Author Emy Louie dedicates herself to the concepts of sustainable urban planning and transportation as the US High Speed Rail Association Director of Public Outreach and continuing education instructor for architects and engineers. An architect herself, she constantly looks for ways to build and design cities in a more sustainable manner.  To her, high-speed rail is an imminent and achievable dream.  She wants the American public to see and experience this dream in the way that she does.

Co-author Nancy Bolts grew up in a family in Kansas deeply rooted in the train industry.  Her grandfather was a Missouri Pacific brakeman, and she associates memories of trains as a child to feelings of warmth and excitement.  Having traveled extensively with her advertising career in New York, she assures her readers that her favorite experience and first choice will always be the train.

Needless to say, Emy Louie and Nancy Bolts provide a unique approach to a technical topic from a female perspective.  A great explanation of this perspective comes from the book, Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti by Bill & Pam Farrel.  It explains the ways men and women are fundamentally wired differently and men and women approach tasks and solutions differently.  Authoring a book on trains is no exception.

In addition to presenting the hard facts and statistics to support the need for high-speed rail, Emy Louie & Nancy Bolts provide a big picture story about trains. They offer emotional human interest stories to bolster the high-speed rail benefits. As Americans have embraced train travel extensively in the past,  the authors present long distance train travel as an experience that Americans can and should embrace in the future.  Thus, their passion and enthusiasm shines brightly through their book Fast Trains: America’s High Speed Future.

Rachel Lewis
Guest Blogger


About Rachel Lewis

Rachel Lewis is a public relations practitioner for Bolts Creative Communications and social media enthusiast. She recently graduated from the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Journalism and Mass Communication specializing in Public Relations, and she enjoys helping people stay connected and informed.
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