Arnold Schwarzenegger on High-Speed Rail

Wake Up Call @fasttrainsbook

At one point in this great video featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger, he says, in regard to other countries being the leaders in high-speed rail, “What is that?  It makes me MAD that we are not number #1 and that we do not have it in the USA. We are supposed to be the leaders…the #1 country in the world!”

I can relate, but he also made me smile.  I had this image of AHHnold as the Terminator walking up the stairs to the Capital building.

But the truth is we all should be a little mad.

The economic, environmental, and lifestyle benefits of high-speed rail are enormous. Arnold talks about them all in this video and Emy and I champion those benefits in our bookFast Trains: America’s High Speed Future. People, especially “everyday people,” who have read it tell me it makes them a little angry too.  And, that it makes…

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