Let’s Unite Behind High Speed Rail

By Patrick P. Stafford, Guest Blogger, Professional Writer and Contributor to Fast Trains: America’s High Speed Future

When I was happily married some years ago my wife Liane had a saying she used to like to give at parties or family gatherings and especially whenever it was an election year no matter where we were living or what kind of election was being held.  I don’t know if she originated the saying, but I like to think she did.  And the saying?  “We’re all in this together, you know.”

During those years I usually responded: “No, we’re not!”  For, I was pretty one-sided politically speaking back then, and could be pretty divisive, too.  But as the years have passed and many elections have come and gone, and my candidate and various causes lost or won, I have seen how our country has changed in so many ways.  But after I lost Liane and became a widower, I’ve come to think of her deeply-meant saying more and more.  Especially since I got involved with Fast Trains, the book we so often blog about.

We may be of many races and creeds and ages and genders and lifestyles and incomes, and political parties and beliefs, too, let’s not forget.  But we are all still Americans.  And I think if there is anything that can unite us in common cause and for the general welfare of all, it just might be high-speed rail.  For if high-speed rail is built across America it can create perhaps millions of jobs, rebuild our country’s ailing infrastructure, increase commerce and trade, majorly decrease gas emissions and pollution, as well as end our dependence upon oil in general and upon foreign oil in particular.

There are lots of other tremendous benefits to high-speed rail and super fast bullet trains ferrying millions of people and millions (or perhaps billions!) of tons of goods across and around our continent on a daily basis.  You should read the book, actually, to get a gander at what all these amazing benefits are.  But I do believe this: high-speed can be the answer to America’s future, to restoring our economy, and to bringing unbelievable opportunity and prosperity to the whole nation.

But it just might never happen if we stay divided and divisive, especially when it comes to high-speed rail.  No, I think my wife Liane was right.  In fact, she was always right.  Truly the case is, “We’re all in this together, you know.”   And if she could hear me now, what I am thinking and what I am writing, she would hear a resounding “Yes, we are!”

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